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IAM Recording

If you wish to book time in the IAM Recording Studio, fill out the CONTACT form at this website. In the “Your Message” box, please explain the details of your project. You can also call, text, or email using the links found on the IAM Recording Facebook page.

IAM Recording is a studio located in north Provo, Utah. It is equipped with great recording microphones, software, speakers, and headphones. Mark Geslison is the recording engineer. Mark has been recording since 1993. He has produced numerous products over those years. If you wish to hear some of Mark’s work, please visit his other website: On the homepage you can click on any of the CD images and listen to the music.

IAM Recording is a great place to record your EP. It’s also a great studio for voice-over work, piano, and any acoustic instruments. There is no drum room, but drum sets have been recorded at IAM Recording with great results. The piano is a KAWAI electric MIDI piano. It’s a great piano, but even better is the software plugin used with the piano. The software plugin is called Ivory II made by Synthogy. Look it up and see just how great it is. Recording time in the IAM Recording Studio costs $40 per hour.

IAM Recording is also equipped to come to you! We have the mics and remote equipment to record you in your favorite place. Perhaps you want to record on an awesome grand piano, or record acoustic guitar in a warehouse, or record an organ in a special old church, all of these options are possible. If you want IAM Recording to come to you, please fill out the CONTACT form and explain the details of your project. Recording remotely costs $50 per hour.

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