Banjo Basics Audio Tracks

All files below are for use in studying the Banjo Basics book. These tracks are in the same order as listed in the Banjo Basics book. Click on files listed below to listen to the audio. To download any of the free mp3 files below, follow these instructions: 1) “right-click” (on PC), or “control-click” (on MAC) the file you wish to download. 2) As you “right-click” or “control-click” (on an mp3 file below), a small window will appear with several options. 3) From those options choose “Save Link As.” This will allow you to place that mp3 file on your computer desktop, or where ever you wish to place it. Follow this process for every file that you wish to download. Please Note: Some browsers and platforms will not display the “Save Link As” option. If this is the case with your browser/platform, be sure to look for a similar option like: “download file” or “copy link” or “save file as.”

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