Young Violinists

Fiddle Tunes for Young Violinists is a 4-book series containing 29 Scottish, Irish, and American fiddle tunes for young violinists and their teachers. Most of the tunes have a harmony part. The tunes are available for Violin, Viola, and Piano accompaniment (which includes guitar chord charts). To listen to, or to download audio files, please visit the audio page.

Fiddle Tunes for Young ViolinistsViolin contains all 29 tunes mentioned above (including 1 from Mexico, and 1 from Australia). This is the violin melody book. Each tune in the book is graded so that teachers and students know the level of difficulty of a particular tune. Most tunes come from old-time dance traditions of the British Isles and U.S. Each tune contains a symbol relating that tune to a particular dance type. To see inside the Violin book, click HERE.



Fiddle Tunes for Young Violinists – Harmony contains harmony parts to 22 of the 29 tunes found in the violin melody book.  Great care has gone into making each harmony fit well and sound good with the melody part. In the fiddling world, harmony is considered part of “twin fiddling” which is when 2 fiddlers play together with one on melody and the other one on harmony. To see inside the Harmony book, click HERE.



Fiddle Tunes for Young Violinists – Piano Accompaniment contains all 29 tunes found in the violin melody book. Because the viola book contains some tunes in keys that differ from those found in the melody book, the piano accompaniment book contains accompaniment for those keys as well as the original keys found in the melody book. Guitar chord diagrams are also included above each measure. To see inside the Piano Accompaniment book, click HERE.



Fiddle Tunes for Young Violinists – Viola contains the same 29 tunes found in the violin melody book. In addition, the viola book contains many of those tunes in a different key that better fits the viola. For example, a tune that works well on violin in the key of A, tends to fit the viola better in the key of D. Some tunes fit well on the viola without the need of a key change. Most tunes have been adapted, where necessary, to work optimally on viola. To see inside the Viola book, click HERE.



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When you order all 4 books you receive a discount in the overall price. Your order will contain the Violin melody, Harmony, Viola, and Piano Accompaniment books.