Fiddle Basics

Fiddle Basics is a basic fiddle method and training book. It presents various topics including: chords, fingering patterns, scales, left and right hand technique, bowing exercises, bow plane technique, and more. It also contains photos and graphic diagrams that demonstrate various techniques and practices. The pages below are from the Fiddle Basics book. From top to bottom: 1) Photos showing wrist action of the bowing hand. 2) Graphics that demonstrate the “plane of the bow” or “bow orientation” concept. 3) Graphics that indicate fingering for chords. 4) Music showing bowing and fingering concepts for a basic tune. And 5) Fiddle Basics Table of Contents. Many more photos and graphics are used to demonstrate various technique concepts. The final segment of the Fiddle Basics book is a graduation section with check-off boxes that the teacher can check as the student progresses through the book. To purchase Fiddle Basics, return to the Basic Training page.