Technique, Theory, & Tunes for Guitar

The Beginning Guitarist’s Guide to Technique, Theory, & Tunes is an extensive beginner’s manual chock full of guitar tunes, chords, picking technique, fingering patterns, neck positions, chord theory, general music theory, photos, diagrams, guitar tablature, standard notation, and more. There are 40 tunes that include a study in 9 different key signatures. The pages below are from the Technique, Theory, & Tunes book. From top to bottom: 1) A page from the Chord study section of the book. 2) Tablature and Notation showing a page from the Picking technique part of the book. 3) Photo and Graphics describing the use of tablature in it’s relationship to the guitar fingerboard, 4) An example of the tune, Cumberland Gap from the book. 5) Technique, Theory, & Tunes Table of Contents. Listen to, or download, the Audio to this book. Return to the Guitar Series page. Return to Isaac’s page.