Guitar Series

The Institute of American Music’s Guitar Series includes 4 books designed for different skill levels and for varying needs of guitar students and teachers. The 4 books in the Guitar Series are: The Beginning Guitarist’s Guide to Technique, Theory & Tunes, Favorite Fiddle Tunes for Flatpicking Guitarists, Guitar Ensemble (flatpicking tunes for small guitar ensembles), and Guitar Basics. To see inside each book, click on the book’s cover graphic below. To purchase all 4 books, scroll to the bottom of this page. Listen to, or download, the Audio to the guitar books.









The Beginning Guitarist’s Guide to Technique, Theory, & Tunes is an extensive beginner’s manual chock full of guitar tunes, chords, picking technique, fingering patterns, neck positions, chord theory, general music theory, photos, diagrams, guitar tablature, standard notation, and more. There are 40 tunes that include a study in 9 different key signatures. Look inside the Technique, Theory, & Tunes guitar book.




Favorite Fiddle Tunes for Flatpicking Guitarists is an intermediate/advanced tune book. It contains 22 tunes that are popular among top fiddlers at fiddle contests across the U.S. The tunes have been adapted to fit well on the neck of the guitar. Also included is a study on tune variations, which shows how a tune progresses from it’s simplest melody through 5 additional, and increasingly difficult, variations. Look inside the Favorite Fiddle Tunes guitar book.




Guitar Basics is a basic guitar method and training book. It presents various topics including: left and right hand technique, picking patterns, fingering, major scales, the chromatic scale, how to read tablature, finger placement, basic fingerstyle guitar, flatpicking, and a graduation section. It also contains photos and graphic diagrams that demonstrate various techniques and practices. The final section of the Guitar Basics books is a graduation section with check-off boxes that the teacher can check as the student progresses through the book. Look inside the Guitar Basics book.




Guitar Ensemble is a beginner/intermediate tune book for a small guitar ensemble. It contains 10 tunes from the U.S., Australia, Ireland, and Scotland. All 10 tunes contain 3 parts: Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm. The tunes are designed for flatpicking guitar (no fingerstyle). For larger guitar ensembles, guitarists can double up on parts so that all members of the ensemble have a part to play. Guitar Ensemble comes with a CD. Look inside the Guitar Ensemble book.




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