Guitar Basics

Guitar Basics is a basic guitar method and training book. It presents various topics including: left and right hand technique including: picking patterns, fingering, major scales, the chromatic scale, how to read tablature, finger placement, basic fingerstyle guitar, flatpicking, and a graduation section. It also contains photos and graphic diagrams that demonstrate various techniques and practices. The pages below are from the Guitar Basics book. Clockwise from top: 1) Photos and diagrams showing chords. 2) Tablature showing pick/strum chords for a basic tune. 3) Guitar Basics Table of Contents. 4) Tablature showing fingerstyle chordal accompaniment for a waltz. And 5) Graphic diagram and tablature showing the A Major Scale. Many more photos and graphics are used to demonstrate various technique concepts. The final segment of the Guitar Basics book is a graduation section with check-off boxes that the teacher can check as the student progresses through the book. To purchase Guitar Basics, return to the Basic Training page. Return to the Guitar Series page.