Old Time Fiddle Tunes for Piano

Old Time Fiddle Tunes -Graded Levels for Piano is a piano method book and tune book. It was conceived due to a need associated with the 50 Tunes series. The 50 Tunes series was written for Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, and Bass. A piano book was not included in the series. As time passed people began to request a piano version of the 50 Tunes. As these requests increased, work began to produce the book. However, it became evident that a piano version of the 50 Tunes series would require graded levels, and therefore, more than a single book with all 50 tunes inside. Old Time Fiddle Tunes -Graded Levels for Piano presents the first 12 (graded for simplicity) of the 50 tunes. It also presents elements of music theory that pertain to the concept of playing fiddle tune melodies and chordal accompaniment on the piano keyboard. The pages below are from the Old Time Fiddle Tunes piano book. From top to bottom: 1) Graphics describing the concept of half and whole steps in the making of a major scale. 2) An example of one of the tunes where the right hand plays melody, while the left hand plays accompaniment. 3) Graphics presenting the concept of major triads as part of chordal accompaniment. 4) A page from the Tune Grading section of the book. 5) The Old Time Fiddle Tunes table of contents. Listen to, or download, the Audio to this book. Return to the Piano Series page.