Piano Series

The Institute of American Music’s Piano Series presents 2 books for piano. The first book, Old Time Fiddle Tunes, Graded Levels for Piano is the first book in a 4-book series. This series will eventually contain all of the tunes found in the 50 Tunes series published by Mel Bay Publications. This first book contains 12 of the overall 50 tunes. Learn more about the 50 Tunes series. The second piano book in the Piano Series Fiddle Tunes for Young Violinists -Piano Accompaniment is a piano accompaniment book associated with the Young Violinists series. This book contains piano accompaniment and guitar chords to the 29 tunes presented in the Young Violinists series. To purchase either or both of the Piano Series books, scroll down on this page. Listen to, or download, the Audio to these books.




Old Time Fiddle Tunes -Graded Levels for Piano is a piano method book and tune book. It was conceived due to a need associated with the 50 Tunes series. It contains 12 simple tunes presented in 2 formats: 1) Melody with Accompaniment, and 2) Accompaniment-only. The Melody with Accompaniment version of each tune is presented with a right hand melody and a left hand accompaniment. This provides the young pianist with an opportunity to play the melody, or “take the lead” in an ensemble setting. The Accompaniment-only version of each tune is presented with a right hand chord/triad part and a left hand “bass line.” This provides the young pianist with the opportunity to accompany other musicians in an ensemble. Look inside the Old Time Fiddle Tunes piano book.




Fiddle Tunes for Young Violinists – Piano Accompaniment contains all 29 tunes found in the violin melody book. Because the viola book contains tunes in differing keys from those found in the melody book, the piano accompaniment book contains accompaniment for those keys as well as the original keys found in the melody book. Guitar chord diagrams are also included above each measure. Look inside the Piano Accompaniment book.