Bass Basics

Bass Basics is a basic bass method book for both acoustic (upright) and electric bass. It contains left and right hand technique including: right-hand plucking, left-hand finger placement, fingering exercises, basic accompaniment, active accompaniment, and soloing. It also includes a “how to read tablature” section for electric bass. Bass Basics also presents fingering, bowing, and plucking concepts with photo graphics to help the student visually. And finally, it includes a graduation section. The pages below are from the Bass Basics book. Clockwise from top: 1) Notation and Tablature showing components of soloing. 2) Photos showing German bowing technique on the upright bass. 3) Bass Basics Table of Contents. 4) Photos showing the concept of using finger pads on the electric bass. 5) Photo showing thumb position on the upright bass. And 6) Photos showing plucking on the electric bass. To purchase Bass Basics, return to the Basic Training page.