Favorite Fiddle Tunes for Guitar

Favorite Fiddle Tunes for Flatpicking Guitarists is an intermediate/advanced tune book for guitar. It contains 22 tunes that are popular among top fiddlers at fiddle contests across the U.S. The tunes have been adapted to fit well on the neck of the guitar. Also included is a study on tune variations, which shows how a tune progresses from it’s simplest melody through 5 additional, and increasingly difficult, variations. The pages below are from the Favorite Fiddle Tunes book. From top to bottom: 1) An example of the tune, Soppin’ the Gravy from the book. Notice that each tune contains Notation, Tablature, and Chord Diagrams. 2) Favorite Fiddle Tunes Table of Contents. 3) An example another tune from the book: Dusty Miller. 4) A page from the “Study in Tune Variations” section of the book. Listen to, or download, the Audio to this book. Return to the Guitar Series page.