Guitar Ensemble

Guitar Ensemble is a beginner/intermediate tune book for a small guitar ensemble. It contains 10 tunes from the U.S., Australia, Ireland, and Scotland. All 10 tunes contain 3 parts: Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm. The tunes are designed for flatpicking guitar (no fingerstyle). For larger guitar ensembles, guitarists can double up on parts so that all members of the ensemble have a part to play. The pages below are from the Guitar Ensemble book. From top to bottom: 1) An example of the first page of the tune, Liberty presented in standard music notation. 2) The second page of Liberty in standard music notation. 3) An example of the first page of St. Anne’s Reel presented in guitar tablature. 4) The second page of St. Anne’s Reel in guitar tablature. 5) Guitar Ensemble Table of Contents. The Guitar Ensemble book comes with a companion CD. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the graphic of the book cover and CD. Return to the Guitar Series page.