A few years ago a project was undertaken to create acoustic relaxation music designed to help people not only relax, but to serve as a sort of therapy for physical and mental illness, and for sleep disorders. Celtic Guitar is one of the recordings from that project. The project was called, WaterTones Music. WaterTones Music is on the back burner for now, but when the time is right it may return with new recordings. The idea behind WaterTones Music was to use water (ocean waves, rain, rivers, streams, and lakes) and other sounds from nature, in conjunction with acoustic instruments to create music so soothing that it would put people to sleep. Well, it was tested, and yes, it did put people to sleep. So, it worked! Listen to the audio samples below and see what you think. The music can be used for massage therapy, music therapy, as a sleep aid, or as gentle background music while you work, study, cook, or read. Scroll to the bottom to view Celtic Guitar CD artwork.

Celtic Guitar $14.99


What is Keeping My True Love

The Shores of Loch Lomond

The Shakins o’ the Pocky

Sunday Night Rain

Summer Rain

Spring Forest

My River

Green Island Sunset

Eamann an Chnoic

Down by the Salley Gardens

Danny’s Meadow

Cooley Falls