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Jingle Bell Swing for String Quartet

This is Jingle Bells with a Texas Swing flavor!

Jingle Bell Swing String Quartet (mp3)

Jingle Bell Swing violin 1 (pdf)

Jingle Bell Swing violin 2 (pdf)

Jingle Bell Swing viola (pdf)

Jingle Bell Swing cello (pdf)

Jingle Bell Swing score (pdf)

Dormi, Dormi, O Bel Bambin for String Quartet

This is a very nice Italian Christmas carol arranged for String Quartet. Listen to and view Dormi, Dormi, O Bel Bambin as performed by the Salem Academy Choir.

Dormi Dormi, O Bel Bambin String Quartet (mp3)

Dormi Dormi, O Bel Bambin violin 1 (pdf)

Dormi Dormi, O Bel Bambin violin 2 (pdf)

Dormi Dormi, O Bel Bambin viola (pdf)

Dormi Dormi, O Bel Bambin cello (pdf)

Dormi Dormi, O Bel Bambin score (pdf)

The following tunes are examples of music very much like that found in the Fiddle Tunes for Young Violinists series where there is a part for violin, viola, and piano accompaniment (with guitar chord diagrams as well).

Big John McNeil -Reel

Big John McNeil is a fun old reel from the British Isles. This tune can be played for circle and square dances. It can be performed as a solo piece, or in a medley with other reels, or even with a jig. It is also a great tune for jam sessions. John McNeil was a great dancer in Scotland. The tune, Big John McNeil, was composed by James Scott Skinner, a native of Scotland. It seems obvious that Skinner composed the tune in honor of John McNeil. Here’s an excerpt from The Music of James Scott Skinner from the library at Aberdeen University in Scotland: “At the Sword Dance competition at Bray, Ireland, in 1862, Skinner won first prize, playing the fiddle as he danced. But he ‘honestly believed (the prize) should have gone to McNeill’, and offered him the purse of ‘three guineas’ (£3.15). As Skinner tells the story in My Life and Adventures, McNeill replied ‘_ye’re the best man that I’ve seen come out of the North’, and was pleased to ‘ha(v)e a dram’ (a measure of neat Scotch whisky) with the 19-year old winner.” View the original manuscript of the tune, John McNeill’s Highland Fling. Listen to Sierra Noble play Big John McNeil at age 14.

Big John McNeil 80bpm (mp3 -slow version)

Big John McNeil 96bpm (mp3 -medium version)

Big John McNeil 112bpm (mp3 -fast version)

Big John McNeil Violin (pdf)

Big John McNeil Viola D (pdf)

Big John McNeil Piano:Guitar A (pdf)

Big John McNeil Piano:Guitar D (pdf)

President Garfield’s Hornpipe -Hornpipe

President Garfield’s Hornpipe was composed by an anonymous American likely at the time when James Garfield (1831-1881) was president of the United States (March-September 1881). President Garfield’s Hornpipe is typically played in the key of B flat, but here it is also presented in the keys of A and G, plus the key of D for viola. The piano accompaniment parts include all 4 keys.

President Garfield’s HP A MP3 80bpm (mp3 -slow version)

President Garfield’s HP A MP3 96bpm (mp3 -medium version)

President Garfield’s HP A MP3 112bpm (mp3 -fast version)

President Garfield’s Hornpipe Violin in A (pdf)

President Garfield’s Hornpipe Violin Bflat (pdf)

President Garfield’s Hornpipe Violin in G (pdf)

President Garfield’s Hornpipe Viola in D (pdf)

President Garfield’s Hornpipe Viola in G (pdf)

President Garfield’s Hornpipe Piano in A (pdf)

President Garfield’s Hornpipe Piano in G (pdf)

President Garfield’s Hornpipe Piano in D (pdf)

President Garfield’s Hornpipe Piano in B flat (pdf)

Sally Goodin’ -Hoedown

Sally Goodin’ is the quintessential American fiddle tune. It is the very essence of a “hoedown.” It has been played at contests for more than 100 years. Most old time and Texas-style fiddlers will say, that if you want to be a fiddler, you have to learn to play Sally Goodin’. On YouTube, Daniel Carwile talks about and plays a lively version of Sally Goodin’. Another version of Sally Goodin’ by Tashina Clarridge is also a great one to watch.

Sally Goodin’ 80 (mp3 -slow version)

Sally Goodin’ 96 (mp3 -medium version)

Sally Goodin’ 112 (mp3 -fast version)

Sally Goodin’ Violin (pdf)

Sally Goodin’ Viola in D (pdf)

Sally Goodin’ Piano in A (pdf)

Sally Goodin’ Piano in D (pdf)

 St. Patrick’s Day -Jig

St. Patrick’s Day is a special jig that is played at all Feisanna. A Feis (pronounced, “fesh” -feisanna is plural) is an Irish dance competition where contestants are required to dance specific types of steps and dances including: light jigs, treble jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes, and reels. Some dances are known as “traditional dance sets” and are part of the required repertoire. St. Patrick’s Day is one of these and is played with such frequency that most Irish dancers could probably hum the entire melody at a moment’s notice. Click this link to view an example of a girl demonstrating the footwork to St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day 80bpm (mp3 -slow version)

St. Patrick’s Day 92bpm (mp3 -medium version)

St. Patrick’s Day 108bpm (mp3 -medium version)

St. Patrick’s Day Violin (pdf)

St. Patrick’s Day harmony (pdf)

St. Patrick’s Day harmony alt low (pdf)

St. Patrick’s Day Viola C (pdf)

St. Patrick’s Day Piano in G (pdf)

St. Patrick’s Day Piano in C (pdf)

The Butterfly -Slip Jig

The Butterfly is possibly the most well-known slip jig in all of Irish music. A slip jig is a tune in 9/8 time signature. Click this link to view a performance of The Butterfly by Mairead Nesbitt. Please be aware that a TV ad sometimes appears at the beginning of this video that you can view if you wish, or you can just skip ahead to the actual performance. Only the first part of the performance is The Butterfly. The rest of the piece (when it gets faster) is a set of reels.

The Butterfly 76bpm (mp3 -slow version)

The Butterfly 92bpm (mp3 -medium version)

The Butterfly 104bpm (mp3 -fast version)

The Butterfly Violin (pdf)

Butterfly Viola Am (pdf)

Butterfly Viola Em (pdf)

The Butterfly Piano in Em (pdf)

The Butterfly Piano in Am (pdf)

Beaumont Rag -Rag (Swing)

Beaumont Rag is a favorite tune at fiddle contests across the U.S. It might have been named after the city of Beaumont, TX, but no one knows for sure. One thing is for sure, there are a lot of great fiddlers in Texas and chances are good that they all know how to play Beaumont Rag. In a fiddle contest each contestant is required to play 3 tunes: a Hoedown, a Waltz, and a Tune of Choice. The tune of choice is typically a swing tune or a rag. Most “rags” are old Ragtime-era tunes that have survived with a little help from the fiddle. This is the part of the contest round where Beaumont Rag is played.

Beaumont Rag (mp3 -as played at a fiddle contest)

Beaumont Rag Fiddle (pdf)